Franke Plating Works is ISO and Lockheed Martin certified.

We are environmentally compliant and adopt Green business practices.

We are a High Quality, Mid Volume Plater with the Fastest Turn-Around Times – Even Same Day Service!


...Is second to none in electroplating metal finishing

Our state-of-the-art electroplating shop is ready to do the metal parts plating you need in a variety of metals for strength, function, fit, durability, and cosmetics.

…is dedicated to servicing a wide range of industries

We’re proud of our reputation for success with plating jobs in a wide variety of industries, including electrical, automotive, military, and aerospace.

…is both ISO certified and Lockheed Martin certified

Franke Plating Works conforms to industry accepted ISO production standards. We also provide processes available through Lockheed Martin certification.

…is your first choice for all plating project consulting

We develop strong, one-on-one relationships with our clients as we help find the answers to their electroplating and electroless plating needs.

…is known for their amazing turnaround time and product flow

If you’re looking at a sharp deadline for your plating needs, you can depend on Franke Plating Works. Our clients return to us because of our consistency and speedy turnaround.

…is on the cutting edge for PAPP (Prototype Work)

Warren Franke has the knowledge and experience in metals and electroplating processes to assist you with your prototypes.