Black Electroless Nickel Plating – High Phosphorus:  Semi-bright to matte charcoal gray appearance, non-magnetic with good solder ability and highly corrosion resistance with adequate deposit thickness.

Black Electroless Nickel Plating Mid Phosphorus:  Semi-bright to bright appearance with a satin black appearance, magnetic, good to excellent solder ability and moderate corrosion resistance with adequate deposit thickness.

Black electroless nickel plating process produces a deposit that is fully conductive and can be soldered or brazed to make it suitable for interconnect, electronics and EMI grounding/shielding applications.  It provides good temperature stability suitable for service temperatures up to 600F with short duration exposures up to 700F.  It will provide your company the perfect deposit uniformity of traditional electroless nickel with tolerances of less than one ten-thousandth of an inch per side possible.

The appearance of the black electroless nickel plating process is a function of the luster of the substrate as well as the phosphorus content of the deposit.  The blackest and brightest appearance is achieved with a highly lustrous (polished) substrate and a mid phosphorus electroless nickel plating.  Conversely, a gray and matte appearance is achieved with a fully matte (such as sand-blasted) substrate with a high phosphorus electroless nickel plating process.  At this time, a jet-black and fully matte appearance is not available.

Black electroless nickel plating provides excellent wear resistance consistent with traditional electroless nickel.  However, the black appearance can be worn through in aggressive wear points such as metal-on-metal sliding contact.  Therefore, the application of the finish for high wear applications should be evaluated accordingly.