Expert Engineering Consulting from Franke Plating, Inc.

Not only does Franke Plating Works have the capabilities to do your plating and metal finishing jobs, but Warren Franke is available for consulting as well.

Warren has over 30 years  experience working with metals, chemicals, and plating processes. No matter what problems or concerns you have in regards to part plating or production, Warren has the knowledge to guide you to the right solution. He will work with you one on one with complete involvement and commitment until the project is finished. He knows the right metals and plating that will give you the best product for the best price.

We’re proud of our abilities to consult with our clients and help them achieve the most practical and efficient results. We have an excellent track record of client guidance. If you’re looking for a qualified metal and chemical expert to consult on your projects, talk with Warren Franke of Franke Plating Works first.



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