Prototyping (PPAP) From Start to Finish with FPW

In today’s volatile market Franke Plating Works is achieving great success with Prototype projects for its customers. This involves developing the right plating process to achieve what the customers need, and giving them options on where to find companies to do these jobs after Prototypes are completed.

President and owner Warren Franke has been doing first article work for several Franke Plating Works customers for many years. Now Franke Plating is able to help customers develop this Prototype work from start to finish. Because Franke Plating Works is a job shop, we can do just about any process required and can help customers that do PPAP work to establish the proper plating requirements needed to achieve their goals. This includes form, function, fit and look.

As we know, some parts must function properly and some must be visually pleasing. Warren can achieve these goals.


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