Recently, members of the FWFD toured the FPW facilities for annual Hazardous

Materials Communication & Training.DSCN6085






Charlie Cox, VP of Operations & Bryan Dewart, Chemist, backs to camera, answer questions and review outdoor storage locations as “B” Shift completes their tour on May 3rd.

May 17th – Members of the “A” Shift Hazmat responders gather in the shop office for a “Welcome” statement from Charlie Cox VP of Operations.


At the end of the tour Brian Dewart explains outside storage facilities at Franke Plating Works.DSCN6157


As a way to spruce up the Station, the men at Station 13 came up with a new chow table by recycling and repurposing some old equipment and materials. Look closely at the supports under the table, FPW chromed the axe head and pike head.